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Kelly Johnson AIA Principal Architect, standing in front of graffitied metal wall. She is wearing a dark grey shirt and smiling


Kelly Johnson is an AIA Certified Architect with more than 20 years of extensive experience in commercial and residential architecture. Graduating from Mississippi State University School of Architecture in 2001 she mainly designed restaurants, bars, and nightclubs for the hospitality industry beginning at Chicago Building Design until she moved to New Orleans in 2010. 


Soon after moving, Kelly began doing residential projects as side work while working remotely for the Chicago Office. Although she appreciated the ability to work remotely, it eventually created a disconnect between Kelly and the clients who were scattered all over the country. Meanwhile, relationships with her clients in New Orleans continued to grow, as did her knowledge of residential architecture and confidence in navigating the permitting process in New Orleans. Kelly enjoyed connecting with clients, problem solving to help them reach their goals and finally, seeing ideas go from vision to reality.

However, doing everything by herself was sometimes overwhelming.

In 2019 Kelly met interior designer and project manager Patrick Welsh, owner of Projects On Point. The duo began to collaborate on projects, and clients really appreciated that they could offer both architecture and design if needed as a trusted team. From there Kelly and Patrick began to look for ways to expand their team of trusted individuals they worked with to include contractors, structural engineers, millworkers and even pool companies so that no matter what the clients needed, they could recommend someone. Although they work as a team, each member owns their own individual companies.  With a good client base, as well as a team that Kelly knew she could work with or turn to with questions, she started her own architecture firm: KK Johnson Architecture. 

Ursulines Living Room


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