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Master bathroom, glass shower, glass tiles surround the bathtub, a light fixture hangs from the vaulted ceiling


It is impossible to design a space for someone without learning a few things about them first- their lifestyle, their routines, their design preferences, how they live in or use their space, what they love about it or what they wish was different. Kelly always takes these aspects into consideration with her work and is able to make suggestions from a perspective that her clients may not have had. 


Kelly often focuses on efficiency in her work.  Many of the older homes and buildings in New Orleans are not laid out for modern day life. Finding ways to seamlessly add modern amenities to an older building so the original integrity is not lost or destroyed is sometimes just another piece of the architectural puzzle.

Large contemporary kitchen, white walls, counters, and drawers with stainless steal appliances. staircase leads upward on the right
Front elevation of a New Orleans style town home. Wrought iron gate, large windows.


Kelly also appreciates architecture that manages to fit into its surroundings well but still projects a bit of personal identity. No one person is exactly like another so why should buildings be any different? Kelly also works with a network of trusted contractors, structural engineers, millworkers and even pool companies to meet any and all design needs.

Ursulines kitchen


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